Just in case you were wondering

We have a very good relationship with a vehicle manufacturer. They are very motivated to earn your business. We also offer any make/model financing with well known, trusted banking institutions and finance companies.

Each situation like this is unique, the best way to find out is apply and request a free credit review.

Absolutely not, it is time to credit rebuild & we have a bank for that!

A vehicle loan is one of the best ways – let’s do it together at the best rate possible.

A needs analysis is checked on each inquiry, we make sure you can pick whatever you qualify for

Yes absolutely, just ask us on your application.

Sometimes we can look past previous mistakes and offer low rates, we will perform a (free of charge) credit review to help you gauge your credit strength.

Yes, if you prefer this I encourage you to call or text – 403.826.6434

We have second chance banks, yes it is possible.

Yes, we have multiple manufacturers in our Auto Group.

Sometimes it makes it easier for an approval, but normally not required.

Yes, we give you a fair value and use your new loan to pay off the difference to your loan balance.

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